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Millions of people suffer from hemorrhoids, no knowing that they can be removed.


Millions of people suffer from hemorrhoids, no knowing that they can be removed.

Are you tired of the pain, swelling, bleeding, itching and embarrassment?

When you first suspect you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, over-the-counter or home remedies may be the first types of treatments you seek. While those options may be appropriate for a short period of time, the frequent occurrence of hemorrhoids can interfere with your daily activities and evoke concerns about your health.

Meet Dr. Szabolcs Papp

MBBS, MS laparoscopic surgeon

Ethical, patient-focused, and self-driven, Dr. Papp has been treating patients with colorectal problems for over 12 years. With an extensive international experience, he is now located in Dubai.



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I booked an appointment with Dr Papp after my pregnancy and he really, really helped me. I appreciate the treatment, the speed and the kindness. Excellent without a doubt!
I have no words to express how awesome their service was! I don't speak Arabic, it's my first time in Dubai and I am not familiar with how things work here, so I had lots of questions before booking. I contacted Dr Papp via Whatsapp and he was absolutely great.
He is a really good and friendly doctor. It was a very nice and professional, price is really good for the quality of the attention and treatments.
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