Allurion Balloon Program

Allurion Balloon Program


Take control of your health through weight loss surgery.

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Want to see some of my Patients?

This is Joanne

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Joan is one of our patients. Just take a look at her transformation as she lost 13kg in the first 13 weeks. But this is not even the final result as she hasnt’ finished yet.

✅ You can find Joanne on Instagram as @lois1978dxb

The Allurion Gastric Balloon helps you lose an average 10-15% of your body weight in just 16 weeks.

You can do it too 💚😍

Me and my team we are available to answer any questions you may have about the Allurion Balloon Program. Send us a Whatsapp.


You can follow my Patient’s evolution in my instagram account (Highlight Stories) @DrWeightLossDubai

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“Not only do you lose weight, your confidence comes back. It’s just a game changer!” 🤩

This is Beth

One of our dearest patients, Beth, who had her Allurion Gastric Balloon placed only 14 weeks ago. 

Look how far she has come! She lost a total of 16.5Kg going from 89.5 to 73

Thank you Beth for sharing with us your inspiring before/after weight loss photos. 

✅ You can find Beth on Instagram as @bringingupboys_2018

Beth, Before the Balloon
Beth Now
Dr Papp patient in Dubai Allurion
Dr Papp Patient Beth Allurion Balloon in dubai

This is Charlene

Charlene is one of my incredible patients who has achieved amazing results with the Allurion Gastric Balloon. 

Charlene’s determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle has continued even after the balloon has passed naturally, resulting in continued weight loss. 

So proud of her for her commitment and dedication to her health. 

✅ You can find Charlene on Instagram as @charlenescloset_blog

Start your weight loss journey today.

If you’ve struggled with traditional weight loss methods, the Allurion Program may be just what you need. ✅

Let me help you achieve long lasting results, I take care of each of my patients like if they were the only one.

Meet Dr. Szabolcs Papp

MBBS, MS Bariatric surgeon

Ethical, patient-focused, and self-driven, Dr. Papp is a leading expert in Weight Loss in UAE, he has placed more than 900 Allurion Balloons. 

With an extensive international experience, he is now located in Dubai at Hortman Clinics.

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